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About Us

This website was developed primarily to train our graduate students in the Master of Arts Chaplaincy program at Brigham Young University. The materials, as part of this website, are educational in content and for training purposes. They also have the permission of the authors for use. It contains resources that may be useful for military chaplains. It has five categories from which you can browse resources and information.

The first category is Military Relations and Chaplain Service Resources. In this section, you will find resources developed by the Military Relations and Chaplains Services from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These resources are primarily for Latter-day Saint Chaplains.

The second category is Publications from the Brigham Young University chaplaincy program. Resources include books, articles, and publications from students and faculty.

The publications are free and presented in two PDF formats. The first is an interactive PDF where you can navigate the document by simply pressing the bookmark icon. The second PDF is formatted with cut-marks to facilitate printing.

All documents have been produced using InDesign. They measure 5.25 x 7.25 inches. They can be printed with a clear plastic cover with the book title page in card-stock. The back page can be in vinyl. The products can also be spiral bound. (see example below)

Normal cost for printing is from 6 to 10 dollars. This depends on page count and whether the printed pages are in black, white or color. Color prints are more expensive.

Spiral Bound with Laminated Clear Cover

The third category is Sermons, and Devotional materials. These are not necessarily products developed by BYU students or faculty, but by active, reserve, and national guard Latter-day Saint chaplains from the armed forces chaplaincies.

The fourth category is Chaplain Activities. These are religious support activities and programs that chaplains develop or use to strengthen families and service-members spiritual, morale, fitness, and character development. Also included are memorial ceremony and service materials.

The fifth category deals with interviews. This section has interviews conducted with Latter-day Saint chaplains past and present concerning their careers and experiences as military chaplains. Also included are interviews by senior Church General Officers and their spouses about the Commander and Chaplain professional relationship.